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Whether sitting in the riverside beer garden, by one of the fires, or in a cosy booth over dinner we have something for every taste.

An excellent range of wines, cask ales, draught lagers, spirits and soft drinks; as well as a delicious menu of cocktails, coolers and gin’s. You will find each of our menu’s below.

Our wines are personally chosen after prodigious and “arduous” tastings and are all available in three sizes of glass as well as by the bottle. We don’t work on profit % like most pubs and restaurants, we make exactly the same cash profit on every bottle which means that the better the wine the better value for our guests.

We like Gin! We became set on offering a better quality G&T to compete with those we had enjoyed on our many trips to Palma, Mallorca. For most “perfect serve” is the ambition to ensure guests get ice and a slice. For us each Gin is unique, the result of crafting a spirit using a chosen range of botanicals.  Each of our Gin’s are complimented by the garnish that flatters the particular botanicals used in their creation. Samantha’s choice is Brockmans garnished with berries while David prefers the hand crafted Monkey 47 simply served with ice and fresh Mint.

Our current cask ales are Ruddles Best, IPA Gold and the locally brewed Moonshine – darker to lighter, stronger to weaker all are great beers that are loving cared for by our resident guru Samuel, Al and Connor.

On the lager front we offer San Miguel as well as a lesser known Monks Pilsner from the small Bellhaven Brewery in Scotland which is clean and crisp and the strength of other typical session lagers.

The cocktails are excellent – the work of our resident expert Al and Samantha – wonderfully crafted drinks without the 20 minute histrionics you find at some places.

We hope you enjoy!








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